Brainstorm ads that convert

Focus on reducing your CAC with better Ad ideas

Is this you?

Tired of ads that don’t convert

Unsure  of how to reduce CAC

Unable to respond to the market fast enough because it takes you too long to create ads

Brand based brainstorming

We create a marketing strategy for every brand we onboard and use that for contextualized brainstorming

Create multiple Ad ideas by platform

Receive 3 ad ideas for every concept you have in mind - so you can AB test

Tailor Ads for your audience

Brainstorm content based on your audience

Make your brand assets shine

Create multiple ads for multiple brand assets with ease - have many products in your SKU but are confused about which will perform better. Automate ad creation to test at scale


Monthly Subscription

Annual Subscription (save 17%)

Basic Plan

$ 35.00


  • Detailed brand marketing strategy
  • Unlimited AI content generation — visual + captions
  • Canvas for editing automated posts and captions
  • Content calendar to manage posts
  • Scheduling content to social media
  • Brand asset management

Boost your subscription with add-ons!

Additional seats
$ 12.00 per seat / month
Analytics add-on
$ 12.00 monthly
Advertising add on
$ 18.00 monthly
Dedicated Social
Media Consultant
$ 500.00 monthly

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my brand’s marketing strategy created?
Friz collects data from industry leaders across various verticals to create your marketing strategy based on user personas needs and pain points. We then compare with industry benchmarks and competitors to come up with suggestions for your marketing objectives, industry keywords, and trends that you should focus on. You can further improve this marketing strategy to help our AI create great recommendations for your brand every time you brainstorm for content.
Am I able to select the target audience for my ads?
You can select and modify target audiences for every post that you brainstorm for. Creating content for an audience is the most important step for lowering your customer acquisition cost and increasing engagement on social media.
Am I able to edit posts before they go live?
Yes you can edit all the posts - visuals as well as captions generated by the platform using our canvas.
Does the AI improve with time?
As we continue to see how your posts perform, our recommendations engine learns and improves. This is just like any other employee you would hire who has a learning curve on the job. Use the platform more for better outcomes.