Money now - say goodbye late invoices*

Don’t chase payments on unpaid invoices, don’t worry about long payment terms - invoice and finance through friz, get paid in 24 hours.

Get advance payment through Friz

*up to 500 SGD for the first invoice - as you build trust we will advance more.

Friz Credit line

Invoice through Friz

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No more tedious bank transfers

Get paid by customers anywhere in the world using card.

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Apply for invoice advances

Even if your customer is late or had long payment terms you can immediately finance with Friz.

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Invoice at a low fee.

No more 10% commissions through freelancing platforms. Friz invoicing fee at 3% and advance your invoices at a small 5% fee.

Try sending an invoice! It’s Quick N’ Easy

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Fees for Invoice and Advances

We are tired of platforms that charge you high commissions to offer you the ability to just get paid for your hard work. Our invoice pricing speaks for itself.

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Invoice limit

Unlimited amount

Frequently asked questions

When do I get paid?

How will my clients pay for the invoices?

Where will my payouts go?

Why not just use the platforms or PayPal?

Does my client need to create a Friz account?

Steps to being paid upfront

Invoice upfront fees

Issue invoices but don't need invoice financing